Sunday, February 1, 2009


I woke up this morning a very determined person. The tuft of hair above my upper-lip had been bothering me for months. I must get rid of that. But with decades of familiarity with my visage, it had acquired a personality of its own and refused to be just wished away. One final assessment in the mirror later, I was snipping away with the scissors. Then with some fortitude I picked up the razor and with a few small swipes the grassy patch was gone, lost, done away with. The face certainly looked different now. I turned to profile myself, eitherway. It does look different but not so primitive after all ! What the WEST considers a primitive look is actually an icon of masculinity, style and statement in the ASIA. My redifining my personal style will take a few months getting used to. But with or without peer-approval I intend to carry my statement of style for sometime. Sometimes the smallest decisions one takes are the biggest. The underlying fear is one of fresh perspective that change would bring with it.