Monday, May 24, 2010

Delhi Days in Sizzling Heat

Oh the cruel, cruel days of Delhi summer ! The day temp. notches up 43 to 44 d. with a blistering sun and  hot winds that are still blowing through  late evenings. Babur the invader, lost a few of his Generals to the Delhi heat when they begged to take leave and go back to the cooler climes of Kabul or Ferghana in the summer of 1526. It may be 2010 now and it must have grown hotter over the past 500 years, but the populace still doesn't have an answer to the scorching Delhi summer. The very large population inhabiting the hot lands still prefer to wait it out. Some more weeks and the rains would be here ! Which makes one wonder if  its the weather conditions, the seasons, that probably made Indians a fatalist race !

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